Force Field I  

oil on panel
36 x 24 inches


My Force Field paintings are color and pattern fields that could continue into space infinitely, and are visual representations of our interconnectedness. They are named after what author and spiritual writer Richard Rohr calls “fields of love” in relation to quantam entaglement.  As Rohr explains: “The physical phenomenon of quantum entanglement is a wonderful illustration of the interconnected nature of reality, both spiritual and material… In quantum physics, it appears that one particle of any entangled pair “knows” what is happening to another paired particle—even though there is no known means for such information to be communicated between the particles, which are separated by sometimes very large distances. Perhaps we could compare this to phenomena such as bilocation, mental telepathy, providence, or synchronicity.”

The force field paintings were precursors to my Mandala Series, and the beginnings of my exploration into repetitive geometric patterns and sacred geometry. I was also thinking about how the divine and sacred are depictied in Islamic art and architecture (specifically mosque ceilings) while reading Nobel-prize winning physicist, Frank Wikzec’s work relating to reality and the beauty, structure and complexity of the universe and physcial realm as we know it.